CBD Benefits for our Furry Friends

First off, CBD oil products are absolutely safe and actually host numerous benefits in dogs and cats. Why? Dogs and cats, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a major part in keeping our (and our pets) bodies in a state of balanced health and wellness. The endocannabinoid system has been recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of the brain, endocrine and immune tissues. Check out a few of the benefits here, more simplified:

Chronic Pain/Arthritis

CBD is a natural pain and inflammation relief. Arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joins causing pain, aches and other degenerative illnesses. So, it makes sense this is a great option to look at if your pet is experiencing arthritis or pain from any sort of inflammation.

Anxiety & Stress

Many dogs suffer from anxiety/separation anxiety, which in return, can cause our furry mates to be stressed and/or depressed. Some common symptoms of anxiety/stress/depression; crying/barking, chewing, urinating, pacing and more. CBD has a natural calming affect.

Epilepsy & Seizures

Epilepsy and seizures can be painful for our pets. High levels of CBD has shown to assist in managing dog seizures. Over time, it has actually shown to reduce the frequency in which seizures occur, and in some cases, totally eliminating seizures all together.

Prevents & Fights Cancer

Studies are still taking place, however, there has been a direct correlation between CBD and the reduction of cancer cells. CBD also has shown to increase the healthy cells in body. CBD does not only assist with managing the pain, but may reduce the spreading of tumors through the body even!

Dosage Recommendation

It is better to start low and work your way up until you see the results desired.

Visit https://wyldwork.com/2019/02/11/cbd-beneftis-for-our-furry-friends/ for dosage recommendations.

Side Effects

The only known side effect is....your dog may get tired. Get Wyld Work CBD for your furry friend!!!